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1. Need for contracting

Please text back info to your manager in this order and format IN ONE COMPLETE TEXT MESSAGE. This way your manager can copy and paste the one text fast and efficiently to the contracting department.

First, Middle, Last Name:

City, State:



(NPN) National Producer Number:



2. E&O Coverage

The carriers require you to have Errors and Omssion insurance coverage. This is to protect you incase you make a mistake and a client sues you. Very very rare this would ever happen, but hey we are in insurance. So makes sense they would want to insure our financial well-being.

  1. Select new licensed agent. $27.42 Plan

  2. Do new registration

  3. Select new agent

  4. Select A (if you want to just do insurance) Select B (if you want to sell annuities)

3. Waiting for your contracting emails

In the next few days you will receive emails for the following: HCMS, Surancebay, CRM, and Prosperity.


A email link to Family First Life CRM, to buy leads.

Can't find the link search for this. "https://ww3.familyfirstlife.com/login.aspx" in your inbox.

5. Surancebay (EMAIL)

  • A email link to Surancebay, to apply for AIG, Americo, Mutual of Omaha and John Hancock

  • Please complete AML, purchase E&O, and upload banking information before sending contract requests.

  • Complete the contracting requests for the carriers that are preloaded in the Surancebay platform. You will need to complete this process per carrier and Confirm/Apply Signature, which will change it to BGA status (Broker General Agent). This means corporate will now send these to the carriers. If it does not show BGA status you need to complete the contracting request.

  • After 2-3 days of contracting request showing BGA status it should go to Carrier Status. This is when you will need to start calling the carriers you submitted contracting requests with and ask for a “Contracting status update,”

  • ***You will want to request AIG, Americo, Mutual of Omaha, and John Hancock in Surancebay/SureLc.

6. Start New Agent Training: HERE

  • Make sure when you complete bootcamp, send an email to Leads@fflusa.com to receive your 30% off your first lead purchase

  • Let your manager know you have completed bootcamp


  • A email link to HCMS, to apply for Aetna, Foresters, and American Amicable

*1st Email from Support HCMS Subject Line “Family First Life (FFL) – Onboarding for New Agent” (Search Email for this)

HCMS is FFL’s internal agent management system. HCMS will include your hierarchy, compensation, writing numbers and eventually your downline agents.

The first step is to verify and edit all personal details. Please ensure that your name appears exactly as it does on your insurance license, edit your email address, phone, SSN as needed and you must input your NPN/NIPR Number if you want to be contracted and paid by the carriers. Double check that your upline and compensation level is correct as these will be used for contracting with all carriers. If you have questions, please contact me.

*2nd Email from Support HCMS Subject Line “Family First Life (FFL) – Onboarding Completed” (Search Email for this)

This email will take you back to your HCMS account where you can verify that all of the information you entered in the previous step is absolutely correct. If you see any errors, please contact me.

*3rd Email from Support HCMS Subject Line “Family First Life (FFL) – Contracting Process” (Search Email for this)

This email will take you to your SuranceBay (Sure LC) account. This is where all your contracts with the carriers will be requested and managed. If you have previously used SuranceBay, please change your password upon entry and verify that the affiliation at the top of the screen shows FFL America. If it does not show this, please let me know before you proceed.

  • HCMS (Hierarchy Compensation Management System) onboarding email. Please make sure to bookmark the login page for easy access in the future: HERE. If you have not filled out your information yet, please do so; NPN and SSN.

  • Look out for an email from Surancebay/SureLC. This platform is where you will submit contracting requests to the carriers. If you do not receive the link for Surancebay/SureLC within 48 hours after sending in your info to your manager, please reach out to me and I will resend it. It will sometimes end up in the spam folder.

  • Once you complete contracting requests in Surancebay/SureLC, please go back to HCMS, and click the [+] sign on the top left hand side, please select New Carrier Request in the drop down, then select New Carrier - SureLC Link. This will send you a link specific to the carrier you select from the dropdown box.

  • You will want to request Aetna, Foresters, and American Amicable in HCMS.

8. Prosperity (EMAIL)

  • A email link to apply for Prosperity (this will get you a underwriting number in about 48 hours, and you can work)

  • Commission payments (9 months in advance)

9. Call Insurance Carriers 2X a Week

To check on contracting and make sure it is moving smoothly along.

Carrier Phone Numbers:

● Americo: 800-231-0801

● Mutual of Omaha: 800-867-6873

● TransAmerica: 877-234-4848

● AIG/ American General: 800-677-3311

● Global Atlantic: 855-887-4487

● Athene: 888‑266‑8489

● CFG: 800-423-9765

● Foresters: 800-828-1540

● John Hancock: 877-606-7779

● American Amicable: 800-736-7311

● Aetna: 866-272-6630

10. You will be Emailed Producer Numbers

Receiving Writing Number

  • You will receive welcome emails from the carriers as your contracting requests are accepted

  • Login to the websites save user name and passwords in notes. There is a template you can use to do this at the bottom of this page.

11. Add your producer numbers to HCMS system

  • ** It is very important that you add all carriers you are contracted with on HCMS. This is how FFL track your production so you can receive bonuses and increase your comp in the future!

  • Login back into your HCMS account HERE: To enter your writing numbers for the carriers you have received. Click [+] Select New Carrier Request in the drop down, then Select Missing Carrier/ Writing Number and input the writing number for the specific carrier you are accepted with, make sure to Send Request once completed.

Please reach out if you have any questions.