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Part I – Personal Sales Commission

Let’s say a policy runs $100/month. We start our Agents at 90% commission. So for the first 12 months of that policy’s life, every time the carrier collects $100, you earn $90.

We advance our Agents nine months of commission immediately.

  1. Client pays $100, you earn $90 (We advance you $810 right away)

  2. Client pays $100, you earn $90

  3. Client pays $100, you earn $90

  4. Client pays $100, you earn $90

  5. Client pays $100, you earn $90

  6. Client pays $100, you earn $90

  7. Client pays $100, you earn $90

  8. Client pays $100, you earn $90

  9. Client pays $100, you earn $90 (now your advance is paid back)

  10. Client pays $100, you earn $90 (Paid “as-earned”) 

  11. Client pays $100, you earn $90 (Paid “as-earned”)

  12. Client pays $100, you earn $90 (Paid “as-earned”)


The client in this example has paid $1200 and you have earned $1080.


This financing allows our agents to build real wealth through ongoing commissions and still have strong cash-flow in the early months.


Personal Sales commission will increase based on monthly Personal Production. If an agent is writing $5,000 in new business every month – roughly 7 policies – their commission goes up to 95%. If they’re writing $10,000, it goes up to 100%. An agent can go all the way up to 130% commission purely from personal production or “on their own pen”.

Part II – Renewals & Residual Income

On active permanent policies, starting in their 13th month, you will be paid a renewal commission.


Renewal commissions continue well into the future, so your residuals build a rock-solid retirement annuity over time.


Our vesting schedule is one of the fastest in the industry – we vest you immediately! Which gives you a permanent income regardless of your future affiliation with us.


How many careers give you the ability to continue to earn money tomorrow on work you did yesterday?

Part III – Training & Leadership Override

Everything we’ve talked about above is all based on your personal efforts. But how can leading a team enhance those numbers?


First of all, we’re growing fast and allow all our new Agents to bring in new Agents from day one. Once you’re promoted, you’ll earn the difference in commission between you and the agents you are working with.


When you combine the income from your personal sales and from your team sales, you can build an amazing six- or even seven-figure income that will continue to pay you, your family and your heirs as long as you have paying policyholders.

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