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1. Complete New Agent Bootcamp

Make sure when you complete bootcamp, send an email to to receive your 30% off your first lead purchase

2. Get a laptop or tablet 

If you are going to be doing In Home presentations, we recommend a tablet so the client can sign on the screen

3. Save insurance carrier links

You have to be ready to submit an application for the client

  • You will receive welcome emails from the carriers as your contracting requests are accepted

  • Bookmark the insurance carrier links for future use

  • Login to the carrier websites & save user name and passwords to your device

  • Create a list ​

    • Save your agent id's, username & credentials​ in a document

    • You will need this during your career

4. Select & setup your phone system

Check with manager for your personalized recommendation

Call, Schedule & Tracking Platform


Screen Shot 2023-01-10 at 2.37.31 PM.png

All-In-One Virtual Sales Platform

5. Schedule your lead strategy / onboarding call

Schedule your meeting with your manager

FFL CRM & Integrity Lead Center 

In order to get to the Integrity Lead Center, click ILC on the left hand menu options. This is where you can purchase and manage your leads

6. Start making calls & fail forward

7. Watch FFL Training Camp

Login to Gateway & click Training Camp in the menu on the left

Please reach out to our Manager, if you have any questions.

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