These two systems are vital to you getting setup properly as an agent with us.

HCMS (short for Hierarchy and Contracting Management System) is an online software that sets up your personal commission level, your upline, and your downline agents correctly with Family First Life

SureLC (also called SuranceBay) is an online software for you to request appointments with the various carriers available to you through Family First Life.

Here is some helpful info when completing your SuranceBay:

  • You can NOT create a SuranceBay account unless you are fully licensed and the license has been active for 72 hours,

  • If you have had a SuranceBay account with another IMO before, please verify the “create an account” page shows YOUR agency name, not the old name. Sign up as new user and use a new email.



Please make sure all of the “My Info” section is completely done before requesting carriers, or it may delay appointments. You must have a current AML/Limra.

Go to “My Appointment Requests” and request the carriers there, filling out the contracts fully.

IN SuranceBay, YOU CAN REQUEST these carriers:

John Hancock – (877) 606-7779
AIG (877) 399-7747
MOO (800) 775-7896
Americo(800) 231-0801


It will state BGA and then carrier. Please keep an eye on this process. If your request stays more than one business day at BGA, please let us know and we will check on it. IT SHOULD NOT SAY PRODUCER – that means it’s still in SuranceBay. Please keep in mind, we cannot see into your SuranceBay account.

If you click once on the completed carrier request, you may see a note from the carrier. When your request is approved, you will get an email and a welcome letter from each carrier. Once you receive that, go back into your HCMS account under REQUESTS and add your writing number into the system.



You may also REQUEST in HCMS as a “New Carrier” if you want to be appointed with the following carriers:

Aetna – (866) 272-6630
Foresters (800) 828-1540
Transamerica – (800) 295-3990
American Amicable – (800) 736-7311


You may email your contracting admin if you want the following:

Athene (888) 266-8489
CFG (800) 423-9765 (must write paper application to be appointed)
Gerber – (800) 428-4947 (must write paper application to be appointed)
Global Atlantic (800) 848-0977 (must write paper application to be appointed)
Prosperity – (866) 380-6413 
Royal Neighbors (866) 733-9758 (must write paper application to be appointed)