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The average new agent takes 7 day to study for the exam. Schedule your test based on this timeline. The FASTER you get this done the FASTER you can start your business. 
1. Schedule your Life, Accident & Health exam with your state’s testing provider
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  • Review licensing requirements by state: 

  • If your state requires you to take the Life exam separate from the Accident & Health exam then do the Life exam first​​

2. Once you schedule your exam, send a screenshot of your scheduled test date and time to your manager

  • You will then receive an email with the Xcel Solutions Pre-Licensing study material including pdfs, audio, and practice exams to get you ready for your exam

3. Study for exam 
  • Complete all chapter quizzes. Get at least an 85% on the practice exams before sitting for the main test.

4. Take and pass your exam! 
5. Get fingerprints done 
  • Google “Fingerprinting Services” or call & ask your state’s Department of Insurance

  • Goto to apply for your resident license

  • Apply for the Life, Accident & Health if that is the exam you passed

  • If you passed only the Life exam then apply only for that ​

7. Get National Producer number & state License
  • Call State’s Department of Insurance daily & ask them to check on your progress to speed up the process.

8. Text license information to your manager
  • Send in one text message in the specific format

  • This way your manager can copy and paste the one text fast and efficiently to the contracting department. This is we can begin your contracting

First, Middle, Last Name:

City, State:



NPN (National Producer #)


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